Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Our philosophy as the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the Izmir University of Economics is to educate our students according to the highest international standards by offering them an innovative and modern research atmosphere, while receiving a top most quality instruction that scientific reasoning and technology can provide.

We aspire to motivate students to become scientifically creative and to support their effort so that they are successfully prepared for a competitive global business and/or academic world. Our faculty began producing graduates in the year 2006. Our graduates have achieved a great deal of success. We are proud of our graduates who, after a qualified ducation in our faculty, have had an academic career by continuing postgraduate educations in the USA and in Europe, and who hold significant positions after proving themselves in their business lives. Faculty of Arts and Sciences consists of distinguished Turkish and foreign academicians known for their important contributions to science. Their international science-citation indexed publications play a significant role in receiving top professional recognition for our institution.

The Department of Mathematics faculty members collaborate with academics from international institutions of higher education such as McMaster University (Canada), George Washington University (USA), Rider University (USA), Bar-Ilan University (Israel), Ben-Gurion University (Israel), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (USA). The newly founded department of psychology started instruction in 2005-2006 Academic year. We diligently strive to achieve the same level of success in this department as well.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean
Prof. Dr. Ismihan BAYRAMOGLU