Faculty of Arts and Sciences


IUE Facuty of Arts and Sciences was established in 2001 and continues its educational and research activities with the same devotion and motivation.


There are five departments within the body of IUE Faculty of Arts and Sciences: Physics, Mathematics, English Translation and Interpreting, Psychology, and Sociology. Our departments provide service courses to many other departments in other faculties. IUE Faculty of Arts and Sciences does not only provide its students with the opportunity to have a double major diploma and a minor program certificate but also offers many other opportunities such as laboratory courses, seminars, conferences and internships. Our students can continue their studies in a university abroad through the agreements with 24 different department and programs in Europe within the framework of Erasmus student mobility. As of 2019, 1280 of our students have utilized these opportunities.

In our faculty, we have 9 professors, 4 associate professors 10 assistant professors, 1 lecturer and 12 research assistants. Since 2005, our academic staff has published over 500 articles indexed in Web of Science (WoS). IUE Faculty of Arts and Sciences also offers Physics Laboratories, Mathematics Seminar Room, Simultaneous Interpreting Laboratory, Psychology Research and Application Center, and Mind, Behavior, and Brain Research Laboratory to its students and academic staff for their educational and research activities.

Besides, IUE Department of Mathematics offers Applied Mathematics and Statistics Ph.D. program, Applied Statistics Master’s Program, Financial Mathematics Master’s Program. IUE Department of Psychology offers Clinical Psychology Master's Program, Experimental Psychology Master’s Degree and Doctorate Programs.